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    Is it possible to use SC-IPC3001E with PoE from PoE Switch instead of its exclusive adapter?

    * The same applies to SC-IPC07P.


    Yes, it is possible to use SC-IPC3001E with PoE from PoE Switch. 

    If you cannot use power supply unit (adapter) connected to the receiver (SC-IPR3001E) due to the installation site's environment, SC-IPC3001E can be operated by PoE from PoE Switch. 

    If the exclusive adapter and POE from POE SWITCH both are connected to the receiver (SC-IPR3001E) at the same time, the power from the adapter is set by priority. Therefore, SC-IPC3001E will operate stably. 

    * The same applies to SC-IPC07P.

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    Is it possible to turn off the POE of connected IP camera from the transmitter of SC-IPC3001E (=SC-IPT3001E)?

    (In order to transmit only data of Switch HUB over Coax. cable.)

    * The same applies to SC-IPC07P.


    You can turn the camera side's POE on or off with the switch on the upper left side of the transmitter (SC-IPT3001E).


    * The same applies to SC-IPC07P.

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    Sometimes there is a image loss/interference while using SC-IPC3001E.


    SC-IPC3001E uses "pairing" system.

    If pairing does not work properly and the video loss occurs, please re-execute the pairing.

    (Pairing is used for communication between the transmitter and receiver.)

    1. In case of 1 set of SC-IPC3001E installed

     1) Press FUNC button on the receiver(SC-IPR3001E) for about 3 seconds. At this time, the PWR LED flashes.

     2) Wait about 1 minute for the transmitter and receiver to be connected. 

     ★ Even if pairing fails during this process, pairing is performed by itself until successful. 

    2. In case of multiple set of SC-IPC3001E installed

     ※ This should be done when executing pairing of multiple SC-IPC3001E, or when there is a video loss in multiple SC-IPC3001E are installed. 

     1) Execute pairing one product at a time. Turn off the power of products other than the product to be paired. 

     2) When pairing is complete, turn off the power of the product and proceed the pairing with other products. Please make sure to turn off the power of other products other than the product to be paired. 

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    How to Install & Check IP Transmission Devices



  5. Q

    What are the differences between SeeEyes IP over Coax devices?


    SeeEyes provides lots of Ethernet over Coax(EoC) solutions. Using SeeEyes IP solutions, you can send the signal more than 1 km over coaxial cable and also extend the distance of UTP. And it is possible to send the power over Coax from the NVR side and supply power to camera.(PoE)



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    What is the benefit of the SeeEyes UTP transmission system?


    Instead of typical coaxial cabling installation, the SeeEyes UTP transmission system use slim and low costs unshielded twisted pair cable, and it is possible to save time and infrastructure costs as well as transmit the video signal fairly long distance.